“This new offering is a power-punch in a can. Try a refreshing passionfruit, orange and pineapple combo paired with 3 grams collagen peptides, biotin and other vitamins. The catch? An 8.45 fluid ounce can serves up just 15 calories—a refreshing, tasty, functional beverage without the worry about sugar or carbs.”
“Collagen was another popular ingredient, no longer confined to the usual products such as bone broth and skin care. For example, a new energy drink from Reneva hit on both the protein and collagen trends.”
“Reneva is another collagen drink line that makes a lot of bold claims: Its Fit collagen protein drink allegedly helps “increase lean muscle mass and strength” and the Fresh protein drink, which contains biotin, helps “improve the health of skin, hair and nails from the inside out.”